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Name: Shanleigh McCoy Age: 16. Yes, I know, under 18/easily… - Lit Spaz!!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Writening is Upon You!

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[Jun. 20th, 2005|10:28 pm]
The Writening is Upon You!


Name: Shanleigh McCoy
Age: 16. Yes, I know, under 18/easily offended are advised not to join, but I've willingly read two books by Chuck Palahniuk and am only semi-scarred.
Birthdate: March 21, 1989
Location: Seattle, Washington.
Schooling: Just finished sophomore year. About to do running start and get out of the hellhole of silly drama known as high school.
Describe Yourself:
I'm about average height. Brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. My nails are long, but definitely not pretty. My toes are long, too, and can pick things up. My hair used to be long, but last summer, there was this incident with a pair of scissors and my friend Athena. I've since decided that such an incident must never be allowed to occur. I have a decent amount of curves for someone my age without being too heavy. Or heavy at all.

Five Favorite Authors and why they're your favorites:
Douglas Adams - He writes the funniest stuff I've ever read. I desperately want a copy of each of his books, but alas, I have neither the money nor the means to get them. *tear*
Jasper Fforde - Just started recently reading his stuff. It's entirely crazy and quite appeals to my inner language geek/grammar nazi. (I realize I'm not using perfect grammar right now, but I tend to be very relaxed when writing on LJ.)
Ray Bradbury - Weird. I like weird books. All of these authors write weird stuff. I like weird. Weird, weird, weird.
Neil Gaiman - I loved Coraline. And Neverwhere. And Stardust. (In that order, too.) However, I didn't like American Gods. It was too slow. I couldn't even finish it. But anyway... Gaiman rocks my socks off.
I don't really have a fifth. I haven't been reading as much as I used to, and the only book I can remember reading that wasn't by one of the above in almost a year was Dune. Kudos to Frank Herbert for writing such an awesome book, though.

Five Favorite Books and why they're your favorites:
I could just say the entire Hitchhiker's Guide Trilogy by Douglas Adams and leave it at that since it's five books... but I shall say those, and the Thursday Next series (four books) by Jasper Fforde. Both series are entirely insane and a lot of fun to read. People ask me what the book I'm reading is about and I can't even begin to explain because it's just that out there.

I'm usually inspired in the middle of activities that do not allow me to write. I was once inspired to write a poem while I was vacuuming. In fact, that's the only poem I've written that I thought was any good. I don't have any one specific, set inspiration. Sometimes I see a pretty word and want to use it and end up writing half of a story because of it. I once wrote a ludicrisly happy story that ended with the main character dying from a knife wound at the end, simply because I thought, "Dark and stormy night is so damn cliche!" The death at the end might have been more horrible if I had made the happiness a bit more serious instead of opening with a sentence that included the word "cheery" five times in various forms.

Favorite Bands:
Five Iron Frenzy
Danny Elfman (not a band, but who cares?)
System of a Down

What is your Favorite Memory?:
Oh man, I'm so bad at this sort of thing... I met Baba Yaga, in Estonia. (Okay. Clearly not a favorite memory, but I like to tell it.) My family and I were living in Russia, and we had to get out because the KGB didn't like us, at all. We hopped on a bus to the tiny nation known as Estonia, and arrived in the middle of the night, with no place to stay. It was raining, my dad was in the U.S. trying to get visa problems straightened out, and my mom had asked the crazy lady working at the bus station if my brothers and I could stay inside until she figured out exactly what was going to happen. Well, the lady, as you may have guessed, was Baba Yaga. She was screaming, yelling, slamming doors, and just plain acting like a lunatic (but not necessarily the definition of "lunatic" that has to do with the moon, you know, with the changing of the insanity depending on the moon and such). Then my brother found some Americans who just happened to be there, and they got us a place to stay. The end. Yay...

What is your Secret Talent?:
I can do duck lips. Duck lips are when you can shape your lips like a duck bill. Most people can't do them. In fact, my mom is the only other person I know who can.

If you were a flavor, what flavor would you be?:
I would be peanut butter between two waffles. My friend made a peanut butter sammich using waffles instead of bread and named it after me, due to me being his inspiration for it or something.

What is your Quest?:
I seek the Grail! (Or maybe to graduate high school with a decent GPA. Boredom makes failing grades more common.)

What is your Favorite Color?:
Blue. No, YELLOOOOOOW!... (It's actually blood red.)

What is the Foulest Thing you've ever put into your mouth?:
Some shake that had been sitting out for God knows how long. I was curious, and it was sitting there, tempting me. It said, "Shanleigh... you know you want me... I'm gross and rancid!" I immediately ran to the sink and did everything I could to rid my tongue of the taste afterwards. On a side note, "rancid" is a really cool word.

What is your Theme Song, and why?:
"Superpowers" by Five Iron Frenzy. Because I am a super pseudo-villain.

And, lastly, grace us with a picture of yourself. It needn't be recent or even a real photograph...just something we can use to put a face to the name.

I would like to note that what is above is hardly my best writing. I'm just kind of hyper right now, so it's a little spasmodic and... generally bad. Also, I think reading webcomics has seriously infected my writing style. I must read more novel type stuff.

From: gaffachic
2005-06-21 06:41 pm (UTC)


Holy Moose...someone I didn't have to beat over the head to join!!! Oh, my dear, you are the winner of the day.

And definitely accepted. ^_^. I'll go ahead and add your name to the member list and all that jazz.

Feel free to participate in this session if you'd like (A Piece of the Action). Deadline is June 30, 2005. Or, if you'd like, you can sit back and watch a round. However, you're expected to participate in the next round no matter what! ^~

Have fun, and promote!
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[User Picture]From: pseudo_villain
2005-06-22 06:33 pm (UTC)

Re: Accepted!

Hehe. I found this community because I was curious as to whether or not there was an OED community. It was very clever of you to include it as an interest.
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From: gaffachic
2005-06-23 05:16 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I'm pretty ninja like that...

Puwahahahaaaa...yeah, I'm sneaky like that. Well, it is one of my life goals to own the COMPLETE set. I work at a bookstore and get a discount, so I'm one step closer. But alas, rent takes priority. By the way, I adore your icon. It makes me titter.
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[User Picture]From: pseudo_villain
2005-06-23 06:52 pm (UTC)

Re: Yeah, I'm pretty ninja like that...

I've decided that, while the complete set would be totally sweet, it wouldn't be very practical, and would be much more expensive than the two-volume one that requires a magnifying glass. Also, if I went with the two-volume one, I could even have it before moving out of my parents' house.

My mom was even discussing buying it for me, which would be frickin' AWESOME. Even though I have a job now, and could probably buy it with my next paycheck. But, I need to save that money for books for school next year.

I'm rambling.
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From: gaffachic
2005-06-23 07:35 pm (UTC)

This ain't no disco!!!

Oh, don't get me wrong...I plan on owning the two*volume set as well. But I have a MIGHTY NEED for the massive set o' goo'ness. I shall discard practicality and revel in my awesome and terrifying dorkitude, BWA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!

It will go perfectly next to my umpteen bajillion OTHER dictionaries...on a shelf made by super evolved monkeys in my mad scientist hideout :3.

(Yeah...I have a bit of a dictionary fetish O_O *gets all shifty-eyed and slinks away*)
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[User Picture]From: pseudo_villain
2005-06-23 09:47 pm (UTC)

Re: This ain't no disco!!!

Dictionaries are awesome.

Once I'm older and married and such, I'll probably get the 20 volume set. For now, though, I only aspire to get the two volume one.
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