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Barely edited for your etntertainment... [Jul. 1st, 2005|03:17 am]
The Writening is Upon You!


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They say that we stand on a cliff opposite of God, a great divide between us. All we need to get to the other side is a strong bridge of faith… so they say.

Bets had been placed by every soul that roamed the earth; there was not a single man, woman, or child, save those that had no concept of what gambling was, that didn’t want a piece of the action. The winnings would be paid off by the loser himself; and then he would be eradicated from existence.

The fact that this competition was even taking place happened to sway the public in general. He was great and all mighty. Most people saw it as a waste of money to bet against him. Still, there were those skeptics and risk-takers that placed their life savings on the underdog, trusting their own source of faith or praying for this to be their one lucky chance.

The task at hand was simple enough. Two bridges were to be built. Not by the participants, but by contracted workers. Speed would be a crucial element, but so would craftsmanship and treatment of the employees. No possible way to tell the contenders apart existed except one: personality.

Competitor number one went to a construction crew and demanded that a bridge be built for him. When they asked what the pay would be, a certain electricity surged through the room, and the mysterious man promised not to destroy them for being insolent of they obeyed his every command. He ran his ship with coercion, and often demanded that the worker “hurry the fuck up.” His bridge was finished first.

Competitor number two walked up to a construction crew with a box of donuts. He asked them if they would be willing to build him a bridge. They asked what his payment would be. He told them that, pending he won the competition, he would refund the workers that bet against him, and triple the winnings of the ones that had waged against him. Seeing this as a rather fair deal, they took him up on the offer and relished in the feel of working at their own pace.

Giant cranes came in and placed genetically engineered Godzilla-like creatures upon each bridge once they had both been completed. While the creatures battled, the cranes added ton after ton of weight. After about an hour of such rough treatment, the first competitor’s bridge had fallen subject to a significant amount of melting, twisting, and swaying, and a portion of it was on fire. It collapsed moments later.

The second competitor’s bridge suffered some bending and burns but remained intact. Workers were standing by to attach the titanium memorial plate. They were presumptuously inscribing the “G” onto it when the winner said, “Wait! Let us reveal our identities.”

With a twirl, the winner revealed his true form: a twisted face, black robes, and wings that appeared to have been stained by ash and soot. Reluctantly, the loser waved his arms and said, “So shall it be. All the gold in Heaven shall pay the reward,” before twirling into an orb of light that floated mid-air. “How did you best me, Lucifer?”

“Unlike you, I listen to your people instead of just hearing them. I knew what they truly wanted. And it would seem that I am God now.”

[User Picture]From: pseudo_villain
2005-07-01 04:38 pm (UTC)
It wasn't very clear who the winner was. Besides Lucifer, of course. But was the winner the first or the second competitor? Who it is drastically changes everything, of course.

Overall... I was rather bored with it. The concept is somewhat interesting, but it didn't hold my attention long. Different, though.

Or maybe I just didn't like the depictions of God and Satan. That very well could have been what killed it for me.
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[User Picture]From: onanist
2005-07-05 02:05 am (UTC)
I said it every other entry and I'll say it again. HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS STUFF?! You come in with something interesting and clever every time.

I would have given maybe a sentence to how this bridge/godzilla contest came about as a way of judging. I really liked the news story way you presented it. It made it all the more parable-like. However, a little more explanation of the contest rules or origin would have been good, only a few sentences though. Anything more than that would have taken away from the speed of the story.
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